Texas Crossroads Cowboy Gathering

Besides being a self under-employed cowboy and story teller, I also put on a little Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Van Horn, Texas the first week of February. We are rapidly approaching our third year this February. This is unique in the world of Cowboy Gatherings as we don’t have headliners or paid entertainers. We exist to promote the entertainers as well as the genre, with several smaller gatherings hiring from our entertainers. Unlike the modern day gatherings we are still “cowboy correct” and if an entertainer wants to come down, they simply sign up and show up.

This year we will be holding a Calcutta Auction to try and raise some money for the entertainers, holding the dinner show on Friday night and the finals show and dance on Saturday night. We will also be having a cowboy swap meet on Saturday. If you are close enough to make the trip, this is an entertainer driven event ans as such is more fun than watching a drunk octopus sort out its legs! If you are too far away to make it (say in Europe) we will be live streaming the whole event via the internet. Following is video from a couple of our returning entertainers, so sit back and enjoy yourself!

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For more information on the gathering visit the Crossroads website!


About bobkinford

Author, working ranch cowboy, reduced stress cattle handling expert, horseman, humorist, and gourmet cook.
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